About Us

What is IIAM?

International I Am (IIAM) is an international student community aiming to create the ultimate study abroad experience, while bridging the gap between the international and Dutch student communities.

Founded in The Hague, the essential aim of IIAM is to provide international students with the best experience possible. IIAM specialises in the organisation and management of social events, including nights out, trips, and other activities, for both international and Dutch students. Due to its great successes, IIAM has recently been able to expand, and is now organising similar events in other major cities, namely Leiden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

For more information on what we do for the student community in the Netherlands, please visit www.iiam.nl

What is the IIAM App?

The IIAM App is the latest project by IIAM aiming to further bridge the gap between internationals and local communities. The app consists of a large variety of discount coupons, for example on food and drinks, as well as entrance tickets to the best parties of the area.

The IIAM app is continuously updated and expanded on with the latest deals, optimising its purpose for the user. When creating an account on the app, students will be able to enjoy the highlights of each city involved, while getting the opportunity to meet both other international students and local Dutch students. This way, IIAM hopes to improve the daily lives of all students while creating a diverse and active platform for community-building and entertainment.