The Team

Meet the People behind the IIAM app

The people who work at IIAM share the visions and values of our international community. We are a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and creators, that always keep their minds set on achieving their goals. The international character of IIAM is emphasized within the highly diverse staff, enabling the organisation to deepen its knowledge and understanding of its customer base. The personal experiences of the team, together with the continuous feedback from the large international student community that already enjoys the IIAM activities, ensure that IIAM is able to cater to all students’ needs.


Robert Alink

Managing Partner of IIAM

Half Dutch, half Indonesian, grew up in Saudi Arabia & now finishing of his studies at the The Hague University. A true international student. Looking back it formed the perfect foundation for starting IIAM, the international student community. A hyphenate that loves putting together all the different parts of the business needed to build a strong community, including the indispensable IIAM app.

Dennis Fang

Managing Partner of IIAM

Dennis comes from a small family of entrepreneurs. Growing up in a business environment seemed normal, and now, still, motivates Dennis to learn as much as possible and continue to grow. As a well-rounded business student, Dennis has gained the knowledge necessary to develop IIAM and make it grow.

Max Lembke

Chief Innovation Officer

Max is a third year International Studies student from Berlin, Germany. After completing his IB Diploma at the Berlin International School, he moved to The Hague to experience its vibrant international atmosphere. Max comes from a small family of entrepreneurs. Growing up in a business environment seemed normal, and still, motivates Max to learn as much as possible and continue to grow. After engaging in several projects in The Hague, he joined IIAM to further bridge the gap between internationals and locals.

Caleb Mahomed

Partner Aquisition

Caleb is a second year International Media and Entertainment student from the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad & Tobago. After completing his associates degree in Computing and Systems Development, he decided to switch his studies to something more entertainment focused. He left to The Netherlands for this study and has since then started working with IIAM, expanding his knowledge and experience in the international student community.

Tyler Balagh

Partner Aquisition

Tyler is a Canadian second year student from International Studies. Having grown up in North America, Tyler was keen to experience what life would be like in The Netherlands. Since his arrival to The Hague, Tyler has become accustomed to a unique international environment, in which he is now part of this niche community. Since joining IIAM, Tyler has brought forth a charismatic, upbeat and motivating energy along with a breadth of experience and knowledge that is rare to find.

Karina Bogdan

Partner Aquisition

Karina is a third year law student from Bucharest, Romania. Beginning her English law studies in London, and now continuing her experience in Leiden, she is aspiring to be become a future Real Estate solicitor. By also managing her own fashion and travel blogging platform she gained experience in handling both social and academic events. Currently she is involved in our acquisition projects, by discovering and making available, for both Dutch and International students, a variety of new places and attractive discounts.

Sofie Harazimová

Partner Aquisition

Sofie is in the first year of a programme called European Studies. She only started University after two gap years, where one of them she studied in Australia and the other just traveled, worked and enjoyed. Both of these facts involves crucial aspect of being in an international envirnoment, which she fell and will be always falling in love with. And IIAM is one of the communities consisted of the greatest people from all corners of the world (no matter if within or outside). Therefore the need of making it even greater for students like herself and experience the atmosphere is in the right place.